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Due to new government guidelines, the Dine in will only be open 2 pm to 8 pm. Takeaway is available as normal until 10pm. Thanks

Welcome to The Everest - The Best Nepalese/Indian Restaurant in Aberdeen

Looking for some delicious Indian/Nepali menu prepared with right ingredient and finest chefs in Aberdeen? Then The Everest Aberdeen is your destination. We serve the best Indian and Nepali Cuisines in Aberdeen. Each of our dishes are prepared using high quality ingredients so you get the superior dining experience. If you want to order something delicious, then do call to order to make your dinner table look amazing.

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Best Nepalese/Indian Food Restaurant in Aberdeen

Nepalese Indian Restaurant Aberdeen

Welcome to The Everest, the best Nepalese and Indian restaurant in Aberdeen. With trained staff and qualified chefs, we offer you the authentic Indian and Nepalese taste. Owing to the spicy, tangy and the most basic tastes of the two cuisines, we transport you to the land of these exquisite dishes.

At The Everest,we plate are dishes with perfection and improve the overall taste of the food. With chefs and staff, all of Nepali and Indian origin, we bring you a myriad of tastes from the two countries.

  • Making use of ethical cooking.
  • Sourcing the best ingredients for our food.
  • Storing our poultry, meat,and seafood for various things.
  • Finger-licking tastes and the authentic tastes of Indian and Nepalese cuisines.
  • Our menu offers you a wide list of ethnic dishes, which are made with meticulous precision and by adhering to the authentic rules.
  • Our staff and chef are qualified and adept at creating progressive Indian and Nepali dishes.

About Us
Best Nepalese/Indian Food Restaurant in Aberdeen

Healthy Fresh And Hot Dishes.

Best offers from the house chef.

Our Mission

The Everest is more than an Indian and Nepalese restaurant. We go beyond retaining the authentic tastes. Our expert and professional chefs are not only capable of retaining the basic tastes of the two cuisines, but also make sure that the cooking is ethical.

  • Our restaurant offers you the widest variety of Indian and Nepalese foods and dishes.
  • We incorporate authentic cooking methods to give you the exact Indian and Nepalese dishes.
  • Following a strict code of conduct, we make use of clean, hygienic cooking space to offer you the best food that you deserve.
  • For us and our cooks, our food and services are not a simple matter of cooking a dish but to transport you to the very lands where these dishes come from.
  • We believe in offering you an exquisite experience with our dishes, which is why we make our food with love and the utmost care.

The Everest, known as the best Nepalese restaurant in Aberdeen as well as a known as one of the best Indian Restaurants, we offer you a blend of an authentic, exquisite, progressive and ethnic variety of dishes made with the utmost code of conduct. Our service and food choices will leave you licking your fingers.